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Search and Rescue Field Training

Poll the membership to see if they support adding damage assessment to the scope of the MCSAR misison.

What to do first

Welcome to MCSAR

Listing of all members calls and general use.

Listing of the members by search roles.  Note the effective date on the report.

This course outlines basic training for all MCSAR members.  Currently the course is required to be taken on an annual basis and includes an on line test.   The course all aspects of Search and Rescue through MCSAR at a cursory level.  More study is required and expected for personnel going into the field. 

Please see a member of the training team with comments or questions.

Summary of the general training requirements for all levels.

Requirements to reach and maintain Probationary, Associate, and full Membership levels.


∗ Requirements to Achieve

· Must pass initial interview ∗ Requirements to Maintain

· Must move out of this level within 12 months or lose membership

Missing Persons Cases.  Both MCSAR and non-MCSAR cases.

A course requirement for those wishing to act as MCSAR Staging Manager

General process followed when a subject is located and MCSAR is tasked with extricating, or assisting in the extrication of the subject.

This course is a collection of compass courses that members can shoot at will.  The included forms can be printed off and used in the field to record the results of taking the prescribed bearings.

Bearings are usually shot by lining up 2 objects in the field - a position object and a target object.  The bearing is the corrected grid bearing (magnetic bearing - grid convergence) for the area covered.  (In Midland, 9 deg West declination).

Please take the bearings, write them up on the sheets, and then turn them into a member of the training team.

And don't forget to explain to  anyone who asks what you're doing, why you're doing it, and who you're doing it for.

Have fun!

Drill sheet from our Feb 2017 Drill in the City Forest.

Discussion of pacing and Ranger Beads / Integer Beads designs.


Course covers the operation of SAR Directed Nets.

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Group Calendars
by John Hutcheson - Wednesday, 25 January 2017, 12:50 PM
Group Training Team Members

This web site supports the formation of groups and the use of calendars for those groups.  The calendars will only be seen by the site administrators and the people in the groups, so they won't clutter everyone else's calendars with events that don't concern them. 

I have created groups ...

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Updated first half of 2016 Moodle Calendar
by John Hutcheson - Friday, 15 January 2016, 8:13 PM
Group Training Team Members

I've added TT meetings, general meetings, and Field Drill meetings to the Moodle calendar up through July.  See me with comments/edits. 

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Moodle Start - Everyone's In
by John Hutcheson - Saturday, 21 February 2015, 12:37 PM
Group Training Team Members

I added everyone on my list of members, associate members, and probationary members to access Moodle, and spoke last night that we're encouraging everyone to check out the web site, Moodle, and update their profiles as a start.  For those that would like to attempt it, they should also take the Associates Training that will be in their My Courses List on the right side of the Navigator Panel, compliments of the Wallick / Armstrong / Ripke.

See me with questions if you need help getting started.

Have fun,